This needs to be said before anything else. What this father did is absolutely wrong and was rightfully arrested for his actions. He physical attacked a kid. Many people have seen the video and concluded that what this father did is something that no parent should ever do. And they would be right.

I do feel that this does need a little bit of context though. While...again, the father's actions were very wrong, I believe the father was reacting to something that he felt endangered his child's life. BUT...he really should have been more concerned with his son in that moment and not concerned with attacking the other kid.

I wrestled in high school and both wrestlers did something wrong when it comes to wrestling.

First, the 'throw' was illegal but I do not believe it was intended to be malicious. The wrestler in the black uniform, who was slammed, could have and should have landed on his side except that he shifted his body. Wrestlers are taught at a early age not to do that. It resulted in the unfortunate landing on his head/neck.

Knowing that, watch the video again.  Again, I am not condoning this fathers actions, what the dad did was wrong.

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