If you are out and about under clear skies, cross your fingers, the next couple of nights and you see an amazing light show in the sky, it's not a flashback, it's the Northern Lights, one of Mother Nature's great light shows. Watch For The Northern Lights Tonight And Friday

Northern Lights in Norway
Dean Mouhtaropoulg/Getty Images

Across most of Minnesota and Wisconsin, the Northern Lights should be visible under clear skies. Between 10 PM and 1 AM is the best time to witness the lights. According to the Space Weather Prediction Center "Geomagnetic Storm Watches are in effect from December 9th - 11th"

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Conditions should be great for viewing with clear skies but it's best if you get away from city lights for the best view.

Author, Sten Odenwald just exactly what the Northern lights are, "The origin of the aurora begins on the surface of the sun when solar activity ejects a cloud of gas. Scientists call this a coronal mass ejection (CME). If one of these reaches earth, taking about 2 to 3 days, it collides with the Earth’s magnetic field. This field is invisible, and if you could see its shape, it would make Earth look like a comet with a long magnetic ‘tail’ stretching a million miles behind Earth in the opposite direction of the sun."

So, take in the show if you can.  It's not like there is a whole lot else to do, right?

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