When it's Friday, that means that we have another round of Johnny U's lame jokes.  This week (again we had 2) the jokes consisted of a couple and a fight and what was happening after said fight.  It involved a bar (of course it did) and also a dying man's giveaways. This involved giving some "property" to each one of his family members and impressing a nurse that was there during the "giveaways".  But don't trust that one.

Every week Johnny U comes into the studio armed with some "awesome" jokes.  Or, some "really funny ones".  Honestly, sometimes they are mildly funny, other times... most times, they are completely lame.  And the name of this feature during the morning show is aptly named- Lame Joke Friday.  Because they always are.

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Next week he will be back with for sure two more lame jokes... sometimes we are blessed with three lame jokes.  We keep giving him chances, and of course we are kind of softies when it comes to helping John out with his lame comedian wanna-be career.

We always tell him- next time. And that one guy always wants him to be "eaten by an alligator".  How would that even happen?  But in any case he should probably try a new line of work.

But, until that happens, see ya next Friday!  Right after Dave-O and the sports, we will hear from John and another batch of lame jokes.


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