Mitch Hedberg was and, I guess, still is one of my favorite comedians. I enjoyed his stand up comedy for years before I found out he was from St Paul.

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I found Mitch's brand of comedy very refreshing and different from his contemporaries, who all seemed to be doing pretty much the same stuff. Mitch was kind of an observational type comic but his topics were mostly silly but so funny, delivered in his trademark deadpan delivery.

Mitch left us on March 30th, 2005, the victim of a drug overdose. Hedberg made no secret of his drug use and often joked about it on stage. One of my favorite quotes was "I used to do drugs. I still do but I used to, too."

Hedberg, after being arrested in Los Angeles for heroin possession attempted to moderate his drug use instead of quitting it all together. He also wanted to not talk so much about it his drug use on stage and not be associated with drugs as much as earlier in his career.

After Hedberg's appearance on "That 70's Show" Fox TV approached him about doing a pilot for a TV series. Unfortunately, Hedberg let his drug habit get the best of him before any of this could come to be.

Check out the video below of Mitch's guest appearance on "That 70's Show" and a video of his brilliant stand up.

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