Last night (5/12/14) on the Tonight Show Jimmy had Neil Young and Jack White on for a chat and a groundbreaking performance. Neil got into a 1970's style recording booth that you used to find at State and County fairs and recorded Willie Nelson's classic 'Crazy', made famous by Patsy Cline.



The booth records what ever it picks up from the microphone onto an actual 8 inch vinyl record. Jack White said in the interview that he had been searching for the booth for almost a decade and spent another year refurbing it. White and Young tell the story below.



Neil happened to be at Jack's Third Man Records recording studio in Nashville the day it came back all refurbished and after hearing several people jump in it and record for fun, Neil decided he would make an entire album in it. The result was 'A Letter Home', a boxed set of cover tunes that influenced Neil throughout his career, all written by other famous performers such as Springsteen, Gordon Lightfoot and Ivory Joe Hunter.

This isn't the first time Jack White has pressed a vinyl record in the same day. He did it on 'Record Store Day 2014'. You can watch that video here.