The anticipation's been killing us. But that's pretty much how a Coen Brothers project works out, then, ya know? Yeah, last year we heard that FARGO the film has been transformed into a limited TV series, and we rejoiced. Now FX has dropped a sneak peek into the first 7 minutes of the show, and it is riveting. No. It's damn near perfect.

Slow, methodical and evenly paced, we get a dynamite show open with Billy Bob Thorton roaring down a dark semi-slick and cold Minnesota highway (probably State Highway 2) when out of nowhere; Deer. What did I tell you? Perfect. Of course, since it's  Coen Brothers project, there's a guy in just his boxers and socks jumping out of the trunk after the ensuing crash.

Then we switch to Martin Freeman (YES THAT MARTIN FREEMAN: BILBO BAGGINS, Dr. WATSON, TIM CANTERBURY) and his wife spoonin' up some grilled cheese and tomato soup, talking in our familiar accent about the washing machine and how good ol' Lester Nygaard could be a better salesman.

Freeman has it down. He's got the soft, Minnesota nice demeanor going on, politely listening and disregarding his wife at the same time. She's just tryin' to help, dontcha know. Well God bless her.

But you and I know what he's thinking as he stares into the grumbling clothes cleaner;

"I wonder if she'd fit?"

Yeah. Perfect.

As is Freeman's capture of the Midwest accent. Not as pronounced as the film (with the exception of the periphery characters), but passable, I mean we don't all have it (do we?). Anyways... Freeman recently spoke to PBS about doing new episodes of Sherlock and Fargo. When asked how he worked on his Midwest accent;

But the truth of some of those Minnesota accents is that even some Minnesotans think that they're kind of funny. So it's a fine line of getting that and honoring those characters. Not being reverential to them or patronizing them, but to also acknowledge that some of the things the characters say are funny in the way that some of the things that are classically English are kind of ridiculous.


FARGO premiers on FX Tuesday April 15th at 8 CST.

You can see how odd it is to watch Bilbo/Dr. Watson talk about angry washing machines and insurance below.