I don't know if the inactivity of people during the pandemic has anything to do with it but I've seen more and more stories lately about wild animals roaming the city streets.

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Mostly deer, maybe a bear or a moose or two have been spotted out of their normal habitat but this is a new one for me.

What was it. 4 years ago there was a crazed racoon climbing a building in downtown St Paul? Well, downtown St Paul seems to be the place that critters like to frequent.

According to WCCO, the latest furry one from the wild that chose to stroll through the streets of downtown St Paul would be a beaver just out for an urban walk on a spring day.

Greta Kaul, a reporter with MinnPost posted on Twitter a video of this beaver taking a nice stroll thru Lowertown in downtown St Paul, yesterday (Wednesday).

The video has over a hundred thousand views so far and people on Twitter a chiming in about the unusual downtown St Paul tourist.

Doran Wetzel tweeted that the downtown beaver was “making his way to the Lumber Exchange building. Got off at the wrong light rail station.”

St Paul Saints chimed in on Twitter also and tweeted "it must have heard our hats came in today.”

Animal Control was contacted about the buck-toothed tourist but no one seems to know where exactly the wandering beaver ended up.

I'm not exactly sure what I would do if I was walking down a city street and saw an actual beaver headed my direction.

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