This massive train derailment involving two Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight trains happened last Thursday about 2 miles outside Frazee, Minnesota. I actually drive by this spot several times in the summer months.

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According to DL Online, last Thursday's derailment involved 2 trains. One going East and the other West. It appears that one of the trains caused the other to leave the rails. There were several oil tanker cars in the derailment but they were heading West toward North Dakota, so they were most likely empty.

This video was caught on a garage cam. In the video, you see the train start to leave the tracks, eventually causing the other train to derail. You can plainly hear the crunching of metal as the train cars pile up on top of each other.

Luckily there were no injuries reported. There was a short evacuation of homes and businesses nearby because one of the trains was transporting some sort of fuel and lithium batteries. Turned out that there was no danger and the evacuation was cancelled.

BNSF crews cleared on of the tracks on Friday to keep one line open.. There was no word on when the second track would be cleared.

There is an urban legend about a train derailment right near this very spot many years ago. A freight train derailed and went into Acorn Lake and was never found. Some of these lakes are mud bottomed and the legend has it that that derailed train just sunk, who knows how deep, into the mud bottom.


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