File this video under things you don't see every day, or really at all. A plow driver on TikTok posted a video of a Minnesota car that was literally plowed around after it got stuck on a rural highway. The image of the car, suspended off the ground by snow is startling to those who made it through the historic blizzard conditions late last week.


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The plow driver, whose handle on TikTok is @ianpitzenberger67, posted the video shot through his windshield and driver-side window. The video shows a car with Minnesota plates lifted off the ground by snow and plowed around by a county snow plow in Franklin County. (there isn't a Franklin County in Minnesota, but there is a Franklin County in both Wisconsin and Iowa)

The plow driver has a little fun with the car as he quips to no one in particular that they can't park there...followed by some laughter.

It seems like from the comments on the TikTok video that the driver of the car was rescued the previous night from the vehicle and brought someplace warm for the night.

More than likely the car was then towed off the road and the driver would then have to pick up the vehicle from where ever it was pulled to.

The situation that this Minnesota driver faced could have turned out WAY worse as we are hearing about the same storm system we saw here decimate the East Coast with more than 20 people dying as a result of the storm's impact.

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