Mark Rosen is actually the only TV sports guy I can name. It seems I've been watching him for the almost twenty years I've been working in St Cloud.


His story is quite a story.  Rosen started interning for WCCO TV about 50 years ago and worked his way up through various positions in the newsroom. He ended up doing sports for the most part and has probably interviewed most all of Minnesota's star athletes from high school to the pros.

Fifty years is quite the feat. In the broadcasting business, you are lucky to last just a few years at the same place. It's just one of those transient businesses. To hang on at the same high profile TV job for 50 years at the same station, I'm sure doesn't happen very often.

Mark Rosen, of course, has had offers to go other places but being able to work and raise his family in his hometown was what he wanted most.

Tonight at 10 it will be a farewell show for Mark Rosen. Tune it in, it should be pretty good with a lot of file film footage of the last 50 years.

Good luck, Mark Rosen

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