What exactly is this all about; besides being super cute and fun, it's actually for a very good cause.  (I'm not sure why Baxter has such a funny look on his face... He said I goosed him.  That is ABSOLUTELY not true).

Baxter 1037theloon.com
Baxter 1037theloon.com

Comic Relief actually started Red Nose Day back in 1988.  This was only in the UK and the idea was to use comedy to help people out who are having a tough go of it.  Just their lives in general would be improved by this fundraiser.

It wasn't until 2015 that Red Nose Day moved across the pond to the states.  It's main mission to end childhood poverty.  Now, in it's 33rd year, globally, Red Nose Day has raised over a BILLION dollars!  That is just crazy.  But crazy good!

Where do you get the red noses? Head to Walgreens!  There are several of them around the St. Cloud area, and this will just do a small part to help end childhood poverty.  And it's super fun and cute.

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