This is the time when you see several people putting up lights on their houses - mostly because it's relatively warm out, no snow, and it's just frankly much easier now than later, and much safer too.  But even though the lights are on the house, they aren't being lighted just yet.  At least in most cases.

But when is the right time to put up your Christmas Tree?

We put this question out on our social media page last weekend to see what most people thought was the "right time" or the most acceptable time to put up the tree and other holiday decor.  \

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What did you say?

There were a variance of answers.  The most popular one being right after Thanksgiving.  Or on one case eat, clean up, then decorate for the holidays with the family.  I like that one the best, I think.  There were a few that said "whenever you like". Ok.  But I was actually looking for an answer.  But ok...

Some people said whenever they put the fresh cut trees out for sale.  That does make sense, if you have a real tree.  That one does have a shelf life.  Put it up too early, and you will wind up with an astronomical amount of needles all over your floor.  No one likes that.  So, waiting a bit would be a good idea.

If you would like to see how everyone weighed in, check out the social post, and add in your answer. When do you put up your Christmas tree?  Is it a different time than the rest of the decorations?

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