How is this even a transition?  We go from the usual (for this time of year) golf joke to a joke about a couple of very religious people.

John- you are asking us over and over again to laugh at your jokes and johnny, as much as we would like to... it's so difficult.  But on a more positive note, he does laugh enough at his own jokes to make up for us not laughing at any of them.

Johnny U- the aspiring comedian, and we use that term very loosely, tries to make us laugh with his lame jokes.  Sometimes we do give him a courtesy laugh, but that's about all that we can muster up at any given time.  Today was a little better, mostly because we got some people to record laughing.  Then we don't have to fake it as much as usual.

That always feels better... no faking it.  Maybe next week he will have a joke that is mildly funny.  Until then... Cheers!!

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