Each week Adam from Parkwood Theatre comes in and talks about what movies are coming out this weekend.  And now with the Dream Lounger Theatres, you do need to plan a little more regarding which movies you would like to see.  Just because they sell out faster than they used to.

This week there are four movies coming out.  One is Slenderman.  Scary killer in the woods that could be a myth... or not.  Another is this giant shark that is supposedly extinct... or not.  And more.  Adam gives the lowdown here.

You could see any of these movies, or choose one that has been out for awhile.

The thing about this shark though.  They are saying that it's been extinct for like a million years or something.  BUT there have  been "sightings".  I'm thinking it could be a sighting like Big Foot or Nessie.  Check out this footage....

What do you think?  Scary, right?  See you at the movies!!

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