It's a day I'll always remember,.September 27th, 1990 Stevie Ray Vaughan perished in a helicopter crash along with members of Eric Clapton's band  near Alpine Valley, Wisconsin.

It was foggy and Stevie had taken Clapton's seat on the helicopter because Clapton was busy and was to take the next copter out. All on board were killed.

Some say that it was probably Stevie Ray Vaughan's best show ever. They say Clapton was watching Vaughan's performance from his dressing room and said something to the effect of "I have to follow this?"  High praise!

I had the opportunity to see and meet Stevie on a couple occasions and he couldn't have been a nicer guy.  He poured everything he had into his show it it never failed to be amazing.

I thought it fitting to put some Stevie Ray Vaughan in the Attic this morning in tribute,  Check out the video below and enjoy.

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