Well, they may not be as unhealthy as you might have thought they were.  But they are still gross.  If you take the nutritional content of a Peep and something like a can of coke, the sugar is about the same.  Surprisingly.  How about some other candies... let's check it out...

And those Cadbury chocolate eggs they talk about in this video- gotta be my favorite!  And then I find out they are pretty much on par with nasty peeps.  So are a lot of other candies, as we found out in this video.

I was super grossed out when a friend of mine kept a line of peeps still in the container they came in for a year.  Put them in a ziploc and left them in his desk drawer for a YEAR!  They didn't decay, they didn't get moldy, they just got to be rock hard.  Like seriously break them with a hammer.  But he said, hey, they are great as coffee dunkers.

Yuck.  I'm sticking with yuck, and I'm going to eat the other candy which apparently is just as bad, but it's gotta taste better, right?



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