ST. CLOUD -- A popular burger joint in St. Cloud has closed its doors.

Wendy's on West St. Germain Street has posted a sign on their door saying they are closed and thanked customers for coming to the restaurant.

The restaurant is owned by Wendy's FourCrown. CFO, Daniel Turnquist says the franchise closed the facility and hopes to build a new restaurant in St. Cloud at a different location.

"We remodeled our Wendy’s restaurant on Highway 10 in St. Cloud, and we continue to operate another Wendy’s restaurant in Waite Park. We made the decision to close an aging facility, and we believe that an additional Wendy’s location will ultimately be better located somewhere else in the City. All of the employees of the closed restaurant were offered positions at one of the other Wendy’s locations in the St. Cloud trade area."

The franchise also owns the Wendy's on the east side of town, on Highway 10 as well as the Wendy's location on 2nd Street South in Waite Park.


Alex Svejkovsky, WJON
Alex Svejkovsky, WJON

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