I agree (if you think) that it's a little early for the snow that we've had already this season. Obviously nothing like they have had out in the Buffalo, NY area, but still.

Over the last week I went out to shovel about three times because it basically snowed for 4 days straight. I get it when people say to wait until the snow is done falling before anyone goes out to shovel or snowblow because you will just have to do it again.  But, with that said, the job might be a bit easier if you stay on top of it.  But, yes, it does create more work because of the time you need to go out to clean it up.

I happen to live somewhere that I have to clear the sidewalk, and I have areas on either side of the driveway.  Some people live on a corner, and that would be more work, but it still needs to be done.  It's a pain, but it is what it is.  But, as I was driving around recently, I have noticed that some people are not clearing the sidewalk.  This makes it difficult if you are walking on the sidewalk and then have to trudge through the unshoveled snow.  Or, if you are walking the dog and wind up running into one of these unshoveled sidewalks.  It's annoying.  So, I had to check to see what the policy is in St. Cloud for clearing the sidewalks near your house.

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According to the St. Cloud Public Works website, the resident is responsible for clearing the sidewalks around their home.  What if they don't?  What happens?

The sidewalks need to be clear of ice and snow within 24 hours of a snowfall.

What if you don't comply?  Are there fines?  And how much are they?  There is a link for that too on St. Cloud's website.

Administrative/inspection fee -$75.00

Removal charge - $85.00 per hour

Minimum fee: one hour removal cost plus administrative/inspection fee.

So, that's hefty.  Especially considering if you just hired someone to clear your snow for you on a regular basis, that would be significantly less- potentially.  So, if you can't, or simply don't want to, just hire it out.  It might be worth it.  Especially since it will be easier to get around on foot, and you won't get fined.

This situation also needs someone to report it, if a city official doesn't see it for themselves.

Please clear your sidewalks.  Thank you!

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