With the 4th coming on a Wednesday this year, kind of can throw a wrench into plans that take you out of town for any length of time... unless you take off 2 extra days.  Better when the holiday is on almost any other day of the week.  Taking one extra day off is usually no biggie.  But, with that said, there are things to do around the area that are fun day activities!

Mud And Mischief Abound At Annual Summer Redneck Games
'Murica (Getty Images)

So, Minneapolis is considered one of the best places on the 4th to celebrate our independence.  Be honest, I've never really considered Minneapolis as a 4th of July hub, but Detroit Lakes, yes.  Back in the day I had one of those cool tanks that said "Playboy survey of hot spots onthe 4th of July" and Detroit Lakes, Minnesota was one of them.



Around here, I think most people probably head to St. Joseph on the 3rd for Joe Town Rocks and also on the 4th for the big parade and church festival.  There are a lot of small town festivals around the area as well.

Above all... have fun, be safe and drink responsibly.

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