It's payback time. Yes, we get that hour that was pilfered from us last Spring back. So, technically it's a long weekend this weekend.

change to daylight saving time

I imagine most might log in an extra hour of sleep on Sunday. Or if you are one of those "go getters' you'll probably waste that beautiful extra hour getting more projects done around the house.

Me? I think I'll log in an extra hour of slumber and not feel one bit guilty about it.  After all, sleep is healthy, right?  So, I'll consider this going on a brief health kick.

Maybe on Sunday afternoon I can use that extra time to catch up on all the political ads on TV.  They should be reaching the "turbo nasty" by that time.

I'm probably making a big deal out of one extra hour but I'm trying to take my mind off of it getting dark at 4:30 in the afternoon.

What are you doing with your "bonus" hour this weekend?

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