With the addition of Costco at the end of this year, Baxter and I got to thinking, what else would be cool to have in St. Cloud?  We started a list.


If you haven't eaten at a Lucky 13- they have them in the twin cities area and also in Fargo- you are missing out!  So good.  They have a cheese curd burger!  And you can waste away your Saturday afternoon playing bar bingo.  Same goes for a Wild Bill's Saloon.  That would be fun to have too.  How about a Cracker Barrel? Dave and Busters, basically that's Chuck E Cheese for adults.  A Trader Joes would be cool.  And above all I LOVE Chinese food.  But not a buffet.  I like a normal restaurant, like PF Chang's.  The stuff in the grocery store just doesn't cut it.

Trader Joes Closing
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Above all, how about a music venue??  Like one that holds 5-7 thousand people..  There could be some pretty cool events brought to the area if we had something like that.

Concert audience
Alexandre Schneider, Getty Images

I talked to Drew, our afternoon guy, and he said he'd like more sushi and wineries.  I can agree with the wineries, but the sushi, he's on his own with that one.  Not a seafood fan.  I know it's popular, but eww.  Oh, he also thought we should have a Guitar Center.  I agree with that one too!


What would you add?

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