Now is the time when a lot of people from Minnesota want to take a quick vacation to somewhere, anywhere warmer than here.  Granted, the weather hasn't been crazy cold yet this year, but it's also very gloomy, wet, icy and dealing with winter driving problems.  It's nice to get out for a few days to a week or so and just enjoy some summer-like weather during a Minnesota winter.

I think we all know that the refreshments that hotels put in rooms are outrageously priced.  AND now some hotels are putting snacks on a sensor.  If you even pick it up and look at it you could incur a charge for that item.  So, know that if you pick it up, you might as well eat or drink it because you will be charged anyway. In other words, don't touch it unless you are making that commitment.

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The way to get around those charges was to go to the local convenience store and buy your own snacks and beverages.  Then, store them in the mini fridge in the room.  But now, someone who was on vacation and stayed at a Marriot hotel in Florida found this sign on their mini-fridge.

PHOTO: Yahoo News/Reddit
PHOTO: Yahoo News/Reddit

This was a Marriot hotel in South Florida.  Not specifically stating which one it was, and Marriot Corporate has not responded.

The next question is what does the please call for refrigerator requests mean?  Can you change it?  Can you get another one? Or are you just succumbing to the fact that you have to pay extra for the hotel mini fridge and they will let you know exactly how much...maybe more than the $50?

Comments on Reddit said that most people would be afraid to even open the fridge because even that could incur an extra charge.  How about just include that in the room fee.  Stupid.

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