Air travel, just normally, can be a giant pain. But when everyone and their brother are trying to get somewhere for the Christmas and New Years holidays, it can be a freakin' nightmare.

Cancelled flights, lost luggage, maneuvering through crowded airports and just being crammed into that giant flying tube full of germs for hours is enough to make you think about just staying home.


If you are planning on flying to a holiday destination this season, these are the best days to do your traveling.

Basically, the day the fewest people will be flying are the holidays themselves. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.

The worst days are the weekend before Christmas and the Thursday and Friday after Christmas. A whopping 47.5 million people will be using air travel between Thursday, December 19th and Sunday January 5th. 3% more than last year meaning 884 more flights per day than last year.

Safe travels

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