Talking about the trend of businesses and schools requiring a COVID-19 vaccine.  Are vaccine mandates appropriate or is this overstepping?  A listener took it a step further suggesting the Federal government should impose a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.  Listener Trucker Bob says he's against a vaccine mandate saying whether to get the vaccine or not should be a personal decision.  A listener suggested a federal mandate would violate civil rights.  Listener Lynn says she is up in the air on the mandate and wants to know what would happen to someone if they chose not to get the vaccine if it is mandated.  She also says the Federal Government shouldn't mandate a vaccine that hasn't received full FDA approval.

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Manyy listeners freely admitted they have received the COVID-19 vaccine but seem split on whether a vaccine mandate should be something that should happen.  Many schools including the University of Minnesota and some hospitals in the state have taken the next step to mandate a COVID-19 vaccine.






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