For those who are heading down to the Great Minnesota Get-Together, it is inevitable that they will be spending some money to get there. If you are attending the fair on a budget, which many of us are, I noticed that KARE-11 out of the Twin Cities looked at how much $50 gets you at this year's fair.

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I gotta be honest, before I even started watching it, I told myself that it probably wouldn't go as far as it would have in previous years.

The reporter took suggestions on how she should spend her $50. Some of the recommendations she took were:

Pronto Pup: $7.00
Lemonade: $7.00
Big Slide: $4.00
One-way Skyride: $6.00
Carnival games (2): $10.00
A small cup of Sweet Martha's Cookies: $8.00
Corn Dog: $6.00
Ice Cold Milk: $2
Total Spent: $50

$50 got her enough items to last the day, but none of it was the 'new food' that is often so popular it can be hard to get.

Admission into the fair wasn't included with the $50, but if you are going to include that into what is spent in a day, admission into the fair is $18 for those 13 to 64 years old. If that was included in the $50 budget, there wouldn't have been a corn dog and carnival games.

If you are looking for ways to save money while at the fair, you can purchase a blue ribbon bargain book that has some deals on many items at the fair, things such as food, goods, and services.

What other cost-saving ideas have you implemented when going to the state fair? Let us know by sending us a message through the chat feature of our app!

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