What food could you eat forever?  There is a catch, though.  It's the ONLY thing that you can eat forever.

It's National Eat Whatever You Want day.  So that's what got me thinking... I know there are popular foods out there, probably the most common being pizza.  Doesn't matter if it's regular pizza, deep dish, veggie, gluten free, whatever it is, there is generally something for everyone.


The thing that came in second was hamburgers, and third was my favorite... Ice Cream!!

Ice Cream

But that brings me to my question, if any of those, or maybe it's something else was your favorite food; could you eat that one thing forever?  I'm going to say that you could at least change up the flavor of what ever the item was, but that's it for the rest of your life.  Oh, and let's add this in there too- you only eat pizza, or whatever it is, and you don't gain any weight.  Like you won't have any health problems from eating whatever it is that you choose.

Now, could you do it?

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