Buzzfeed recently did an online poll of 150,000 people about what isn't acceptable behavior in a marriage. Being a married guy, I'm always striving to be the very best husband I can be....Okay, I couldn't even make it through that last sentence without laughing.

Good news for guys. 84% of those polled said it's alright to fart in front on their spouse but only 24% said it was okay to flirt with other people.


This one surprised me. 63% said it was okay if they stayed out all night with friends and 77% said it was okay to pee with the door open. They didn't ask about pooping but 78% said it was okay to talk about their poop. Really? In my world, it never seems to come up in conversation.

And finally, 61% said it was okay to tell white lies to make their spouse feel better and 42% said it was okay to fantasize about being married to someone else. Really? And 72% said it was perfectly okay to have long stretches of silence at dinner. I once watched an elderly couple in a restaurant sit down, eat and never said a word to each other for over an hour.


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