I do not understand this.  It's kind of like the love of bacon that happened on the scene a few years ago.  I guess everyone always loved bacon, but about 10 years ago everything was bacon.  Bacon flavored EVERYTHING, bacon festivals, bacon wrapped... you name it.  Bacon.


Now, it sort of seems like it's avocado everything.  Avocado toast.  It's healthy, but who thought of that, and why would you do that.  I'm sure it's delicious.  I love avocados.

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But this brings me to fried chicken and waffles.  What is this?  And more importantly, why is this?  Fried chicken is good.  Waffles, good.  But why would you want them together?  I don't get it.  It's like all the weird flavors of potato chips and Oreos.  No.  Stick with the original.  I don't even like the double stuff.  But I do like the thin Oreos.  But they need to be the original flavor.

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Now KFC is going to be putting chicken and waffles on the menu in the Carolinas.  Of course they would start this kind of thing in the South.  BUT, if it's a success there, they are going to be implementing it onto the menus across the U.S.  Like probably even here.. maybe we are too far North for that to happen??

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Maybe I just have to give it a go and then actually make a better decision.

Probably not.

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