Let me start by saying that we all know that construction in the Summertime is something that we all need to deal with.  It can be such a pain, and I get that.  Especially now how division street is.  It's a little difficult, especially in the Waite Park area to get around.  Roads are blocked, lanes closed, traffic backups, it just comes with road construction.

Laura Bradshaw-TSM St. Cloud
Laura Bradshaw-TSM St. Cloud

But what about Cooper Avenue South?  That thing has been HORRIBLE for years.  Yes, years.  First of all, it's really too narrow for the amount of traffic that is on that road on a daily basis.  And I get that it will really be an inconvenience for people who live on it, and who will probably have part of their yard taken away if it's widened.  So, that's one issue, but really, the bigger issue is the fact that it has so many pot holes and cracks in it that it feels like you are in a horse and carriage on a gravel road in the 1800s.  Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture.  And this is the whole road from Rosevelt to 22nd St.  After that, not bad at all.

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I do remember there was supposed to be some sort of discussion about road improvements on Cooper earlier this year.  What happened?  Because, as a daily user of that road, the "fill in" that they have attempted the last few years just isn't going to cut it anymore. The road needs some serious improvement, like actual resurfacing or more.

Just my two cents- your thoughts?

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