You see all sorts of ads for different gyms around the area.  All of them saying that they are the best.  But what makes them the best?  Best at what?  The point for everyone is do work out, feel better about themselves and be a healthier you.  After all, Summer is finally looking like it's going to make an appearance after what seemed like 7 months of Winter.  And definitely 2 months of March.  At least it felt like it.  Now we need to get ready for things like this...


We have all seen the commercials for those "fancy" gyms.  The ones that basically have a spa like feeling to them.  The ones that are very exclusive where you feel like you have to be a star bellied sneetch from a Dr. Seuss story.  Who really wants to go to those, unless you are a person that just wants to feel "exclusive".  Not me.


And if you were at one of those gyms, do you really get any more out of it, other than the judgement?  Then there are those gyms that are really just a basement with a bag, a few weights and a mat.  Gotta be honest- I feel just as judged in those as I do in the exclusive gyms.  It's like a different kind of exclusivity. The kind where if you aren't in the "we're super serious about body-building, and if you aren't get out".  The staring is the same.

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Let's just go to the gyms that have the workout equipment that you need, and lots of machines.  No real waiting.  Personal trainers are there to ask questions, and if you would like some extra help, that would be great.  Or pay for regular sessions with them on top of your membership, a locker room that isn't crazy crowded, and a reasonable price.  How's that?  Too much to ask?

Happy Summer!