We've all been missing a sense of normalcy for the entire (almost) year of 2020.  At the beginning of the year, like New Year's Eve, you always have a sense of hope. Like, this is going to be a great year!  Who knew this would happen?  It's just about the worst year ever.  I mean, there have been some bad things that have happened in other years, obviously, but nothing as bad as this one...for everyone.

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There was a survey done, and asked what you are missing the most this year.

The biggest ones were eating in restaurants normally without having to worry about having a mask on when entering, leaving, or just getting up from your table to use the restroom. Spending time with friends...wherever without thinking about the virus. People are also missing normal vacations, without thinking about things being open, or how to travel, or making sure your kids are masked up. That last one can be a real challenge depending on the age of the child.

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There are a lot more things that we are all missing, like festivals, going out to bars and listening to live music, dancing, standing/sitting at the bar, or just having the virus on your mind whether or not you believe that we are doing the right thing or not.  It's still something that everyone is thinking about.

Most people think that some of the normal habits pre- 2020 aren't ever going to go back to normal.  Like paying with cash. Many think that the credit card or debit card will be the main go-to everywhere.  Or scanning your phone for payment.  Total contactless payments.  Missing movies in a theatre.  Many new releases are going right to streaming services.  Do you think that theatres will ever be as packed as they once were?

What are you missing the most?  What do you think will never be the same again?

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