It's time to start digging out those holiday sweatpants. I don't mess around. I go for all I can possibly stuff in my pie hole and pile some pie on top of it. After all, it's only once a year, right?  And you do have at least a day or two to recover.


I was extremely lucky growing up. My dad was an excellent cook. Nobody, in my opinion, could compete with the spread he put out every Thanksgiving. Relatives would just happen to call weeks before the big day and fish for an invitation. Yes, the word had spread through the extended family that the place to be was at our table on Thanksgiving.

Of course, there is the turkey but it's some of the sides that really drive it home. Dressing is one of my favorites and being Norwegian, lefse is a must. Cranberries, mash potatoes and gravy and sweet potatoes. Pretty sure I'm missing a few things but ,honestly, writing this is making me so hungry, I can't think straight.

What part of your Thanksgiving meal do you look most forward to?

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