We just got word that 90's TV sitcom Roseanne will be getting an 8 episode reboot. Just add that to the list of other classics being picked up by Netflix (including Full House and One Day at a Time). So, which TV show deserves another shot in the spotlight?

The new thing is to take old TV shows and give them an updated look. Maybe it's because we're running out of ideas for new shows? We're not 100% sure. But we do know that some TV shows deserve another chance at capturing our hearts - so which retired TV show would you like to see get a reboot?

All I can think of is 90's TV shows (mostly cartoons) from my childhood. I would DIE to see Hey Arnold! back on Nickelodeon, along with The Angry Beavers and maybe a redo of Cheers! Tell us which TV show you'd like to see return to television.

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