I remember many things- living and growing up in the area it was actually pretty easy to get away with stuff.  Everyone jokes about if you were able to see over the bar you could get served- in some of the small home town bars around the area.  Not that it was necessarily true, but it sometimes seemed like it.  That was the 80s and 90s.  Things seems a bit more structured now, than they did.

We used to sneak around the bowling alley in town and drink beer from the town festival beer garden.  Kegs.  Seemed like such a big deal then.  Now it's like... what??  Those little plastic cups.  3/2 beer.  So funny.  Hiding!!

Gilles DeCruyenaere/ThinkStock
Gilles DeCruyenaere/ThinkStock

I do remember getting in to see a rated R movie.  That was a bigger deal.  We hid in the back to make sure no one was going to "out" us.  Remember Crossroads Cinema?  It was where Famous Dave's is now in Waite Park.

I think I was about 14 or 15, and a friend of mine and I got in to see some super stupid movie we didn't even like just because they let us in to see it.  Rated R.  Naughty!!

I think kids are basically the same everywhere.  This is a list from the UK.  How do you think it stacks up to us here in the U.S.?

I really think it's about the same.  The kids I grew up with in rural Central Minnesota drank before they were of age, probably drove a car before they had a license, and other dumb stuff that kids do before they are old enough to know better.  The thing that gets me on that list is the getting a tattoo before you are 18.  By who??  Couldn't have been anyone reputable.  So now you have this dumb thing that needs to have a laser to take it off.  Awesome.

Sexy Female Tattoo
Steve Finn/Getty Images

Underage- do nothing that would be permanent.  Just sayin'.

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