Laura and I were discussing on The Morning Show, this morning, the first album we ever purchased.

Mine wasn't nearly as embarrassing as Laura's. My first album purchase ever was Jimi Hendrix's "Are You Experienced". Pretty respectable, I'd say. Laura's first album purchase, not so impressive. Laura's first album was of all things "Sgt Pepper" with the Bee Gees.

Sony Legacy
Sony Legacy

Music was certainly much cheaper then. With tax, I think I paid $2.56 for my first album and 89 cents for my first single, which was Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire".

Most Beatles stuff I bought was all in the single version. Back in the day the Beatles dominated the charts with their singles.

So what was your first album purchase?  Don't be shy, it couldn't be as bad as Laura's, or could it?

Let us know and we'll discuss the findings tomorrow morning on The Morning Show.


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