There are few moments more memorable than driving off in your very first car. Wow, you are now the owner of this thing and it didn't matter if it was a brand new car or a complete piece of crap, it was yours.

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My first car of my very own was a '66 Buick Skylark 2 door, white with red vinyl interior. It was in perfect condition and set me back a whopping $500.  i even had to take out a loan and make those huge $50 payments. man, how times have changed.

After that, I graduated to a '71 Pontiac Firebird, just like Jim Rockford drove on the "Rockford Files".  That was a sweet car. 3 speed, built in 8- track player (kids, ask your parents) and a V8 that hauled ass, as they say. I really can't remember what ever happened to that car. Then again, it was the '70's.


Moved to California in the mid 70's and bought a Volkswagen, not even sure what year it was. That car was short lived. I was laying in bed one night and heard my car start, looked out the window and saw the car thief drive off. Never saw that car again.

When I lived in Florida, I soon went through a split with my first (training) wife. She kept the car and pretty much the rest of my not so vast fortune.  Bought myself a '66 Ford Falcon for $200. Recently divorced guys really know how to live.  Brakes went out and nearly was killed flying through a red light.

I've probably had 10-15 cars since then but my all time favorite was  2009 Jaguar XJ8. What a smooth ride, until the engine blew up.

What was your very first car that you owned?

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