Generally in flyover country, we typically, don't see the bright lights of Hollywood very often. Typically. This week a TV Producer, Movie Director, and Streaming Service Director appeared in Grand Rapids, and there are plenty of people who aren't sure why he is visiting.

Seth Gordon, who has had a hand in some very successful shows and movies, was in Grand Rapids earlier this week, and I don't think it was to donate or volunteer to Northern Minnesota's Longest Holiday Light Drive-Thru. So what was he in town for? That still seems to be a mystery, but one Northern Minnesota business had enough of a heads-up that they shouted him out on their signage.

Welcome Seth Gordon and team to Grand Rapids, MN! Seth is the Director of Atypical on Netflix, The Lost City, Pixels and Cry Wolf…to name a few. Seth Gordon is an American Film Director, producer, screenwriter, and film editor. 

Thanks to The Itascan Monitor for highlighting this to us

Seeing this on social media, I decided to see what the Itascan Monitor had to say about the visit from Seth Gordon and friends, but I didn't really get the sense in what I saw that there was much to discuss, or report on yet. But there was a clue, Seth was in town to learn more about the theft and later recovery of the famous Ruby Red Slippers from the Wizard of Oz!

So will Seth be doing a documentary on the famous slippers? It seems right now it's all about having conversations, but I would think that a film/show on it would be something that LOTS of people would enjoy.

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Stay tuned, and we'll see if we can learn more about the visit in the upcoming days and weeks.

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