The Minnesota Twins introduced their new, highly paid, third baseman Josh Donaldson at a press conference on Wednesday.

Get ready for the Bomba Squad 2.0

I'm excited at the thought Donaldson blasting home runs at Target Field this year. He will add more power to a lineup that has it in spades.

And when he put on that Twins uniform, my first thought was 'oooh, that look good!'.

Here's what we learned about Josh from that press conference.

  • Josh likes to win: "I enjoy winning...I don't enjoy losing". That's good to hear. I'm so glad to hear that we didn't sign a guy who actually enjoys losing. Minnesota already has a team for those kind of players...they're called the Timberwolves.
  • Josh likes hitting at Target Field: “...for some reason this stadium sets up well for me. Maybe it’s the background, however it's been, I’ve taken a personal liking to it. I’ve had some great experiences here and I’m looking forward to doing...putting up more numbers here.” He has 10 home runs while hitting .373 in 22 games at Target Field. I would like for that to continue.
  • Josh isn't really set on the #24: "There are still conversations that need to be had...I feel like". Eddie Rosario has his #20. I would love to sit in on that conversation.
  • Josh likes his nickname: When asked about the "Bringer Of Rain" nickname, he said it "It comes from a TV series...'Spartacus: Blood and Sand''s not PG-13". I can attest to Josh's statement, it's not even close. He also said "I like the nickname, I'm going to take it"

I like it as well and I like that he's a Minnesota Twin. Josh Donaldson signed the biggest free agent contract in Twins history. It's a 4-year $92 million guaranteed deal with a 5th year team option. The 5th year option is $16 million, with an $8 million dollar buy out. If everything goes right, the Twins will pick up that option. Good luck Josh and welcome to Minnesota!


Here's what kind of power Josh Donaldson can bring to the Twins. Watch all of his 37 home runs from 2019.

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Oh and he plays pretty good defense too.

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