There are things that you see every day that are a little odd.  Things that seem out of the ordinary, or things that you can just chalk up to "people being people". This deal might be mostly the latter.

This was something that I spotted when coming out of Costco in St. Cloud.  They were parked right next to me, so it was easy to see.  The questions that one might have are abundant.  Just a few to start you off...

DId someone need to hide this?

Did someone forget/lock their keys in their car and had to call someone?

Was there an underage person that wanted to libations and asked someone else to buy it and leave it somewhere it could be found?  I mean, that would be creative, right?  And the person who did the buying is no where in sight, so possibly no blow-back on buying for a minor.  Am I offering too much an idea for someone who is not old enough and now you have (another) idea on how to get booze.

And on an outside chance, was this put there so that someone would drive over it, possibly causing damage to the tire(s)?  That would be unlikely, however since the bottles are full.

I guess I could have waited around to see what happens when I saw this, but who's got time for that.  I also could have taken it, and didn't.  Because I'm not that sort of person, but what kind of faith do you have in humanity, especially lately, when you just leave that stuff out in the open for anyone to take...potentially.

What would you do?

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