As the invasive Zebra Mussels are being found in more and more Minnesota lakes, the Minnesota DNR's fight to stop the spread is intensifying. The bottom line; if you fail to properly clean your boat -- it'll cost you $500. The DNR has hired 150 new boat inspectors and they are handing out tickets.

The DNR has ticketed 85 Minnesota boaters so far this season. Zebra Mussels were first found in Minnesota back in 1988. Zebra Mussels rob lakes & rivers of food and nutrients smaller animals depend on, knocking the food chain out of balance. The responsibility to stop the spread rests on all of our shoulders.

According to Minnesota State Law, you may not do any of the following. Doing so will likely result in that $500 fine.

  1. Transport watercraft without removing the drain plug.
  2. Arrive at lake access with drain plug in place.
  3. Transport aquatic plants, zebra mussels, or other prohibited species on any roadway.
  4. Launch a watercraft with prohibited species attached.
  5. Transport water from Minnesota lakes or rivers.
  6. Release live bait into the water.
Watch the 'Clean, Drain & Dry' Video:

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