Recently, we decided to expand our family and add another dog to the mix. We adopted a 9 month old Golden Doodle to be a little sister to our 3 year old Labradoodle, Astro.


We were slightly hesitant, fearing that Astro might not welcome another pup into the family. Astro is very territorial and another dog on his turf had the potential to be a disaster.

For a 9 month old pup, Gracie seemed to blend right in and we were pleasantly surprised at how the two get along.

here's the only problem.  they are just like kids. They have about thirty different dog toys. Plenty to go around, right?  Nope! You'd think they could each pick a toy from the pile and play with it. No again. They both seem to want thwe same toy at the same time which leads to extended games of Tug of War.

Check out the video of their latest Tug of War contest from this past weekend.

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