You may have noticed that I was gone for a few days.  Flew out to Vegas for a long weekend, basically.  It was fun.  The "getting there" part and the return trip were less than desirable, however.

On the way there, we were in a very cramped row of seats.  I have flown this airline several times and never have I experienced this- at least to this extreme.  Also, I knew that there were charges for checked bags and also for your carry on in some cases.  But to charge another extra $40, yes, $40 to put your carry on bag (which you have already paid the normal fee for) is completely ridiculous.  We saw a bunch of people putting their bags in the over head... how are they monitoring that?

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

So, that was a fun flight.

On to the one on the way back.  We flew a different airline from the first.  We listened to what others had said, and paid for the upgraded seats.  Basically it was like the normal business class sized seats... just none of the other amenities that go along with it.  My husband and I couldn't sit together for that flight, as the seats had already been purchased.  So we settled for one in front of the other.  The guy who sits next to me doesn't get there til like "last call" for boarding.  He was an older gentleman, and was very interested in his Kindle, or whatever device he had.  Then he did the social faux pas.  He took off his shoes revealing his bare feet.  It's winter... is this necessary?  I'll just answer that for you... NO!  AND he put them first up on back of the seat next to me, then he switched legs and put his smelly feet on the arm rest for the seat in front of him.

Dude... that's just gross.

What else is totally unacceptable when you are traveling?


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