Tomorrow we give away Dream Getaway #38 to some lucky listener.  This got me thinking about where I would set my sights if I ever won a $4000 travel voucher.

How To Win Cash

The possibilities are just about endless. I've been to a lot of great places on vacation. Mexico is nice in parts and Guatemala seemed like a cool place.  Hawaii was like a paradise. I miss that vivid blue water.

For many years I didn't go anywhere on vacation because I lived in some pretty nice places. San Diego had me living in a house on the beach and I lived on a nice lake in Florida, never mind the gators.

I've never been to Europe. I hear it needs paint. I've also heard Thailand and Vietnam are very cool. Amsterdam has always been on my bucket list. I've asked people that have been there about it and for some reason they don't remember much, yet grinning still.

So, give me some ideas. Where are some of the best vacation spots you've been to?


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