Hopefully, you've never had a bad Thanksgiving but when you start getting extended family together, things can happen.


For the most part our family is pretty civil during the holidays. Even my wife's ex will join us occasionally. It's always best to avoid religion and politics, of course.

A tough one is when someone that was there the year before passes away over the course of the year. It seems the family dwindles and thankfully, there are kids to fill in.

I've heard horror stories of people that might have had a bit too much to drink and sparks fly. It's always good to have a stun gun handy for such occasions.

I think the worst Thanksgiving I've had was when I was working at a radio station in Orlando. Most everyone went home for the holiday so I was stuck working the Thanksgiving weekend. Listeners actually brought me food to eat, so that was nice.

Another time while living in California, I ended up eating my Thanksgiving dinner at Denny's. Even that wasn't that bad. It's all what you make it, I guess.

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