This sounds super "grinchy" but since 2020, and again this year, the Peanuts holiday specials will only be available through the streaming service Apple TV+.  This after for years being available annually through regular networks like CBS, ABC and NBC.

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There must have been a significant financial deal made to make that change happen.

So, you can watch these shows and many others if you just sign up for a free trial, which just about every streaming service has.  You just need to remember to cancel it before the trial ends.  Unfortunately, they make you add some sort of payment option when you sign up for a trial.  I would prefer that they would just stop the service after the trial if you don't pay, but of course they want you to forget that date, and get charged for the service. Customer retention, you know.

From Yahoo News:

Anyway, in an effort to not be a complete "grinch", Apple TV + will be allowing non subscribers to watch the Peanuts holiday specials like "A Charlie Brown Christmas"  for free and without having to sign up for a trial for one weekend only.  Saturday, December 16th and Sunday, December 17th.  It's like when you get the free trials for any of the premium channels for special weekends.  Of course they want you to sign up and become a paying subscriber.  But it is absolutely not necessary.

So, enjoy that free weekend!  And I still think they are being "Grinchy".

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