I asked Loon listeners (Loonatics?): which road or intersection do you avoid at all costs?

If only there was a way to put this information into Google Maps to automatically avoid. But alas, there isn't.

What got missed?

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What's a Road or Intersection That You Avoid at All Costs?

Dylan and Greg painted with a wide (but not inaccurate) brush: "St Cloud".

Barb said 33rd & 3rd. I'm assuming 33rd Avenue North and 3rd Street North in St Cloud.

(Image via Google Maps)
Red lights are quaint (Image via Google Maps)

Jason says: "Pretty much all of Ayd Mill Road in St Paul. Always completely tore up with car-swallowing potholes that stretch for blocks."

When I went to Google Maps, THIS is what I found...

Ayd Mill Road (Image via Google Maps)
Ayd Mill Road looks like a trail (Image via Google Maps)

Despite the witty caption, that IS actually a trail that the picture is centered on. The road on the left must be so bad that Google hasn't sent their Google Maps Street View Car to capture it.

suzy brooks via unsplash
To be fair, it doesn't look rugged enough for Ayd Mill Road (suzy brooks via unsplash)


An intersection in Baxter that everyone loathes - whether you're a Brainerd Lakes Area (BLA) resident, or on your way to the cabin - is the infamous Highway 271/Highway 210 intersection. Friday and Sunday afternoons in the summertime are especially bad, because the below scenario is not only common, it's expected.

TRIGGER WARNING (Image via Google Maps)
Stopping before the crosswalk is hard, you guys (Image via Google Maps)

Glen mentioned another BLA hotspot for awful traffic: the intersection of Highway 18 and Highway 169 in Garrison, specifically when trying to turn north on 169. The intersection is weird as it is; add-on the impossible task of taking a left onto 169 with all of the city traffic blasting through town and you have another prime candidate for a roundabout.

That truck's STILL waiting to turn north (Image via Google Maps)
Note the date: that truck's STILL waiting to turn north (Image via Google Maps)

Speaking of roundabouts: that was Jeffrey's choice.

Where else in Minnesota do we need to avoid because of the roads?

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