Wine has been such a "thing" in recent years.  I am even trying to like some more reds than I normally do.  Reds are really just not my thing.  First of all, they are generally served room temperature.  Not my fave. And second, they are usually quite bitter.  Or dry, as they say.  But there are a few reds that do not fall into that category.  I do like some of those.

Have a wine tasting
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Anyway, since white wine is usually my jam, I have experimented with some things that you can do with white wine that make it a little more interesting... if you like that sort of thing.

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RECIPE: I like to mix a sweet white wine like a Moscato with a can from concentrate of pink lemonade and a bit of 7UP or Sierra Mist, whichever you like- just like a half can to a can of that.  It's very refreshing.  Great summer drink, and you can just mix it into a pitcher and serve chilled.  You do need to drink all that you make that day, however.  It doesn't keep very well, even just for one day.  You may think about freezing the concoction too, that way you can have a sort of slushie.

There are some common mistakes that people tend to make with wines.  Here are a few from the virgin wine blog.  

Dos and Don'ts of Wine Drinking





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