When it comes to rooting for a team in the Super Bowl this year, Minnesota wants Kansas City. In fact, most of the Midwest wants KC (except for Dakota) and the majority of the country does as well.

It's not surprising. Minnesotans will almost always cheer for a Midwest team, especially if the other team is from California. Plus, it's a way better story. Kansas City hasn't been to the big dance in 50 years. San Francisco, on the other hand, has won many championships.

A new survey from House Method shows what states want what team to win. They surveyed over 4,000 Americans and analyzed the data by state and gender. You can see who men are cheering and who women are cheering for in those states. And it's not always the same.


Here are some of the findings:

  • Overall33 states are rooting for Kansas City Chiefs and 17 states are cheering for San Francisco 49ers.
Credit: House Method


  • However, looking at the total vote count for all of America, 56% chose Kansas City and 44% chose San Francisco.
Credit: House Method
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  • For men, 36 states chose KC, 3 were tied, and 11 chose SF. Overall, 62% of men are rooting for KC and 38% are cheering for SF.
  • For women, 19 states chose KC, 4 were tied, and 27 chose SF. Overall, 51% of women voted for KC and 49% picked SF.
Credit: House Method