ST. PAUL -- All four of Minnesota's statewide offices are on the ballot this year.

In the race for governor, we have a total of nine candidates from five different parties that have thrown their hats into the ring. Two Democrats including incumbent Tim Walz and perennial candidate Ole Savior. Three Republicans including the endorsed candidate Scott Jensen, Bob "Again" Carney Junior, and Joyce Lynn Lacey. Two Grassroots Legalize Cannabis candidates Steve Patterson and Darrell Paulsen. Two Legal Marijuana Now candidates are James McCaskel and Chris Wright. And one Independence Alliance candidate Hugh McTavish.

In the race for Secretary of State, there are four candidates from two parties in the field. The DFL party has incumbent Steve Simon and Steve Carlson. The GOP has endorsed candidate Kim Crockett and Erik van Mechelen.

For Attorney General, there are five candidates from two parties. The DFL incumbent Keith Ellison and Bill Dahn. The Republicans have endorsed candidate Jim Schultz, Doug Wardlow, and Sharon Anderson.

And for the Auditor four candidates represent four different parties. Incumbent DFLer Julie Blaha, Republican Ryan Wilson, Grassroots Legalize Cannabis Will Finn, and Legal Marijuana Now Tim Davis.

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In each of the four races where more than one candidate from a political party will have a primary election on August 9th. If there is no other candidate running from their party, they move directly to the general election.

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