Or in other words- the 40 hour work week?  Today is the anniversary of the 40 hour work week and it goes back to the early 1800s.  I thought it started around the turn of the century with Henry Ford and the assembly line.  Nope!  It was about a 100 years earlier.

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The concept of the 8 hour work week actually makes sense.  It was originally thought that you would work for 8 hours, have recreation time for 8 hours and sleep for 8 hours.  That seems like a great idea, right?  Except it never really works out like that anymore.  One usually runs into the other.  Generally the rest part will take a back seat.  Especially now when both parents are usually working.  That might have been easier when the wife was usually the one staying home with the kids, running errands, keeping the house, making meals, etc.  Now, both people in a relationship are generally working full time or more just to make it.

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At least now there are meal deals, so that has gotten easier if you choose to do that.  Grocery shopping can be done online too with delivery.  But of course, all of those things will cost you.

The 40 hour work week.... ha!